Developing Individuals,Transforming Society

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To Strive For Academic excellence, physical fitness,psychological & spiritual health,thereby achieving holistic development of individuals through continuous learning

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Structured Fee Model

Our Flexible and affordable Fee Structure attracts parents to Provide an Excellent Education for their kids

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We are Pioneers in Providing Quality Education, spanning for more than 4 Decades

Our Journey began through our Founder & visionary,
Mr.Alhaj Abdul Khader Jeelani (Rah) in the year 1984

Faith, Love and Truth

the motto of our institution is full of thoughts, inspirations and determination for my whole life.


"I believe in God, creator and nourisher of all, the most gracious"


"Wisdom lies in loving each other without depriving of the other of his right, righteous action are the only mark of distinction and not wealth, birth or status in life . I love my fellow beings as my brothers and sisters and shed hatred to bring peace."


"God is truth & truth is God. Truth always triumph, speaking truth is act of nobility and truth is of greatest virtue. I will remain truthful throughout my life. I always be with the truthful persons. Thus I will be pure, righteous, truthful, obedient and honest."

Adopt to these great principles and experience a blissful life..,

Founder's Message